Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Practical Models and A Roadmap for Immediate/Effective Application

Key to our understanding is that the most successful entrepreneurship and innovation will take advantage of the latest advances in technology. In this 21st Century, we are witnessing an era of new long-waves of economic and social transformation that are arising from new advances in digital and sustainable technology. The job of the entrepreneur is to develop new opportunities from these technologies so that they bring new benefits to customers and society. Our course uses both new and classical frameworks to develop the potential of new and inspired businesses that provide new value. Through new thinking and creative work, our course aims to capture and direct the power of the new long-waves that are transforming the economy. Our course is structured around an easy-to-follow roadmap for entrepreneurship and innovation led by the latest ideas, examples and trends. SUPSI (The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland) has partnered with Unikemia to bring you this new course.

Innovation and Sustainability

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Three-hour Live Sessions: Week starting on April 17th February. First live session: April 20th. Live session each Thursday. Four hours per week for self-study materials and class project (call-to-actions). Once completed this course, you will be awarded 2 credits (ECTs: European Credit Transfer), which can be accumulated to achieve a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Innovation Management.

10:00 UK Time
11:00 am Central European Time (Madrid, Paris, Zurich)
15:30 India
18:00 Shanghai
05:00 New York


1,250 US $

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The online courses with live classes are developed in a 100% online format, based on learning modules that combine self-study sessions and live class sessions with the instructor. A practical and participatory methodology is used, where you will have the opportunity to learn key concepts, and analyze real cases and situations.

Live classes are recorded and uploaded to the virtual campus, so if you were unable to attend or want to review the material, you can enter the virtual campus and watch the recording, giving you the flexibility and opportunity to combine it with your work activity.

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