Blockchain and Cryptoactives

Combination of soft skills and technical skills to achieve success in the application of blockchain and crypto assets in organizations. Learn about cryptography, smart contracts, web development, flexibility and adaptation to change

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UNIKEMIA has been able to contribute its experience and professionalism to more than meet our expectations.

Jesús Burgos Martín

Administrator of General Services Astrophysics Institute of the Canary Islands, Spain

In our work experience with UNIKEMIA, we recognize its flexibility and the academic and professional quality of its staff. We are very satisfied with the quality of what was produced, both in content and in form.

Ana Ramos

Regional Head of BAC Credomatic Branches, Costa Rica

The way in which UNIKEMIA approaches the contents, applying the theories in a practical way and using a learning strategy that encourages students to reflect, make our trainings effective.

Erika Carballo Calderón

Regional Specialist in Virtual Training Regional Directorate of Human Resources BAC Credomatic Network

Our alliance with UNIKEMIA has allowed us to design and deliver programs in a blended format for companies and professionals in the region. Both the quality of its professionals and the innovation in its online methodologies have been very outstanding attributes in our relationship.

José Ramón Padilla

General Director IESA, Panama

To innovate, you have to get together with people who like to break the mold, as much as you do. Fortunately, Unikemia shares the same flexibility and positive disruptive capacity as us.

Ernesto Plaza

Director of Human Talent Molpack, Corporation

We have a very effective collaboration relationship with Unikemia, they have a team of experts who provide us with modern and high-quality specialized content. I am very satisfied with the service and advice provided to achieve our learning objectives.

Juan Carlos Barahona

Manager of Organizational Development and Culture Regional Directorate of Human Resources

Tenemos una relación de colaboración muy efectiva con Unikemia, cuentan con un equipo de expertos que nos proveen de contenidos especializados modernos y de alta calidad. Estoy muy satisfecho con el servicio y la asesoría brindada para alcanzar nuestros objetivos de aprendizaje.

Juan Carlos Barahona

Manager of Organizational Development and Culture Regional Directorate of Human Resources

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