Unikemia and GNOSS establish an alliance to develop corporate learning through artificial intelligence

Unikemia and GNOSS establish an alliance for the development of new corporate training and learning models through semantic artificial intelligence and knowledge graphs

Unikemia and GNOSS announced this Tuesday, October 18, 2022, an alliance for developing new training and corporate learning models enabled by semantic artificial intelligence and knowledge graphs, with an initial investment valued at 1 million euros.

GNOSS is a Semantic Web construction leading company in Spain. A technology company that builds and exploits Knowledge Graphs applying semantic technologies. GNOSS software is based on knowledge graphs, the semantic web, and contextual intelligence, which is the type of artificial intelligence that allows for the understanding of the context, the representation of relationships, the complexity and the meaning of the data (semantics); one of whose main trends are knowledge graphs.

Unikemia, the Corporate Internet University, is a cutting-edge Edtech working on continuing online education based in Spain and with a global presence. Unikemia was born from the conviction that the continuous training of professionals in organizations has to be transformed at the pace of new technological opportunities and business environmental changes.

Since 2020, Unikemia and GNOSS have been collaborating on developing a new cognitive learning environment based on GNOSS semantic artificial intelligence technology. The transformation of teaching-learning processes in companies is based on the application of artificial intelligence to meet the needs and training experiences of company employees and collaborators in advance and in a personalized way.

Through this alliance, Unikemia carries out a capital increase in which GNOSS invests and contributes its semantic artificial intelligence technology and acquires 20% of Unikemia’s capital. Likewise, Unikemia acquires the license to use, in perpetuity, for all the countries of the world, the GNOSS software.

According to Oswaldo Lorenzo, partner and CEO of Unikemia, “the acceleration of online education has been exponential and brings with it a series of challenges, including the development of new, more personalized and enriched learning models for professionals and corporations.” For this reason, the Unikemia and GNOSS value proposition will allow us to offer these new models enabled by cutting-edge technologies based on artificial semantic intelligence.”

On the other hand, Ricardo Maturana, partner and general director of GNOSS, pointed out that “this collaboration agreement will allow GNOSS to extend and deepen the use of its technology in the corporate education sector to adapt training to the individual needs of people and the challenges facing organizations.”

Right. Ricardo Maturana, GNOSS partner and CEO and Oswaldo Lorenzo, Unikemia’s partner, and CEO

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