We transform the learning experience through cutting-edge technologies and a robust ecosystem

Unikemia was born from the conviction that the continuous training of professionals in organizations has to be transformed at the pace of new technological opportunities and by changes in the environment.

We work to create unbeatable learning experiences that foster the growth of professionals at the forefront, capable of converting knowledge into effective organizational skills to face corporate challenges in an environment of constant change.

To achieve this, we innovate in content and services global reference partners in the education and technology sector, with a human team committed to working with high standards of quality and service.



Jesús Burgos

General Services Administrator Astrophysics Institute of the Canary Islands, Spain
"Unikemia has been able to contribute its experience and professionalism to more than meet our expectations"

José Ramón Padilla

Director General IESA, Panama
"Our alliance with UNIKEMIA has allowed us to design and deliver programs in a blended format for companies and professionals in the region. Both the quality of its professionals and the innovation in its online methodologies have been very outstanding attributes in our relationship."

Luis Miguel Tabernero

Commercial Director at Finsa Correduria Tecnica de Seguros S.L
"The executive program Leading the Digital Transformation has been an intense course, with a great teaching staff and also highlighting the level of the participants. Unikemia has achieved that great professionals in the sector can develop practical cases and work together"

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